famMain directions of the family policy of the State are guaranteed by the Constitution and the Family Code of Republic of Azerbaijan. Family legislation in the Republic of Azerbaijan focuses on strengthening the family institution, the formation of family relations on the basis of mutual love and respect, and sharing responsibilities among family members. Over the centuries, the values of Azerbaijani family model have made it an exemplary social institution.

Current institutional framework for family policy of the SCFWCA is the Department of Family Problems. The activities of the Department are based on the following State Programs: 

  1. 1.       “The State Program on alternative care and giving of children (De-institutionalization) from the public institutions to the families in the Republic of Azerbaijan.” ( 2006-2015)
  2. 2.       “Azerbaijani Youth in 2011-2015”
  3. 3.       “Social rehabilitation and reintegration of children – victims of human trafficking into society” (2014-2016)
  4. 4.       “Implementation of the Employment Strategy of the Republic of Azerbaijan” (2011-2015)
  5. 5.       “Counterwork drug abuse and illegal trafficking of narcotic and psychotropic substances and their  precursors ” (2012-2018)

Objectives & Functions:

-          Increasing the role of the family in the society

-          Protection and promotion of national and moral values ​​and passing them from generation to generation

-          Psychological preparation of young people to the family life

-          Creation of  optimal conditions for the development and education of children in the family

-          Propaganda of culture of peace and tolerance in the family

-          Conducting educational events on protection and preserving of family values and promotion of healthy lifestyle among different groups of society:

  • Students
  • Young generation
  • Military stuff
  • Members of trade unions
  • People with disabilities
  • Female prisoners

Since 2006 Azerbaijan celebrates Family Day on 15 th of May. A series of events are held over 10 days in different cities and regions of Azerbaijan in order to protect national moral values, educate the younger generation and advocate a healthy lifestyle.

Since 2009 the Azerbaijani Government has been conducting a film festival entitled “Azerbaijan family” as a part of enlightenment measures to help protect family values. Special attention is paid to films reflecting issues such as family values, respect for older people, childcare, socialization and family problems. Large-scale projects are also realized in interfamily relations, family values, and the preservation of respect and love to the older generation.

The publications of the SCFWCA are being distributed to the population:

“Alphabet of the family”,

“Reproductive Health”,

“Medical examination before getting married”,

“AIDS is an incurable disease”,

“Relationships between children and parents”,

“Healthy lifestyle”,

“Marriages between blood relatives and its consequences”,

“Work and Family”,

“Family- violence-child”,

“Physiological climate of the family”